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About Janet

I believe in a holistic and natural approach to healing. In addition to relieving painful symptoms, I strive to find the source of the problem to help you restore your body into a state of self-healing.


A pivotal moment came to me after my mother died suddenly of colon cancer in 2007. Without proper self-care and relaxation, her life of constant worrying about her children and others had taken the ultimate toll on her health. I immediately felt compelled to help others find a way to relieve their stress. If I could help someone initiate natural self-healing, maybe a daughter could have her mother longer than I had mine.


I initially found what I was looking for in Reflexology, earning my certification in a 6-week accelerated training program. I was originally empowered by helping people feel healthier, but after years of discovering problem areas without a supporting way to help the healing, I knew I needed to provide more. I decided to continue my education at Lambton College, and in 2015, I graduated from the Massage Therapy Program and became a Registered Massage Therapist.


I now offer an extended line of holistic healing options that will help you accomplish that relaxed, revitalized pain-free feeling. Your body directs my hands to areas of imbalance, allowing me to identify which tissue is the issue and relieve the root cause of your discomfort. Whatever the outcome you desire: relaxation, injury recovery, or relief from chronic pain, come visit my massage table and see why my clients call me the Body Whisperer.

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