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Gabby is a natural intuitive healing dog. Right from the time she was a puppy, she would know who was sick or stressed out and cuddle with them to make them feel better.


She has decided that it is her job to greet you enthusiastically at the door with her tail wagging excitedly every time you come. Gabby has a natural ability to simply relax people and elevate their mood. She loves to snuggle with clients and seems to intuitively know exactly what they need, whether that is puppy kisses, a quiet cuddle beside your heart, or a calm presence by your feet. The more sick or stressed out you are, the closer to your heart she wants to cuddle to help relieve your pain.


Although she looks like a puppy, Gabby is 8 years old. She has hair instead of fur so rarely is anyone allergic to her. She loves my patients and if you like, she loves to get up on the massage table and lay with you. If not, she will lay under the table or be removed from the room, depending on your preference.

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